1- Is the Car Working? Any Accident?

  • All our cars are in Good Condition, No Accident or Damages.

2- Where are you located? where is the Vehicle?

  • G.U.C Company is located in UAE same as our cars for sale

3- Can I come visiting to pay on the spot and go with the Vehicle?

  • Yes, we receive at our company . Customer just need to register an appointment with the team for the arrangements to be done.

4- How can i buy a vehicle?

  • You can order by Email, Whatsapp, Phone…an agent will be assign to you till satisfaction

5- Do you have a representation agent locally?

  • No local agent…We are located in UAE

6- How is Payment done?

  • We accept split Payment in 2 Installments; upfront done after receiving order documents and rest paid after receiving the vehicle

7- Can you Ship to my Country?

  • Yes we do have Stable Transit Agents Partner that handle Shipping

8- Do you Prices include Shipping Cost?

  • No Our prices on the Website are FOB for each Vehicule (No shipping cost included, just the car’s price)

9- Is Customs Duty included in Shipping Cost

  • No. We Can Handle Shipping and Custom Impositions to bring your car. Nothing to pay locally; just to take your vehicule

10- Do you do Home Deliveries?

  • Yes. We then give you quotes for Car price + Shipping + Customs Impositions… We pay and handle everything and each bill clearly mention on the order Invoice