The Electric Used Car Market

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First BYD Electric e6 Cars Arrive Seaport

We lunch serving our customers with full runing electric cars direct for the African and South America Market Demands.i

Our First Shipments Arrival was confirmed and arrangements for dispatched to various customers around the Seaport and country aread is being supported by Local transit agent.

Our Manager Stated to be “Clearly Satisfied of the Acomplishment today made by our teams and partner agents. The devotion is howed and our Name once again brough High” when closing the speach for the first step in the Electric Zone.

For starters, if you need an automatic car, the smooth electric motor and instant torque make the e-Up a swift urban runabout. Second, the additional weight of the batteries helps to settle the ride over the standard car. Plus, the batteries are neatly hidden beneath the seats, so there’s no loss of interior space.

Trouble is, because the battery pack is so small, the range is only really 66 miles, which limits it to those who mostly do urban driving and have easy access to a charge point.

Still, if you regularly commute into central London, not needing to pay the congestion charge or ULEZ is useful. A 7kWh charger will refill your e-Up in about six hours, while the rapid-charging facility means you can be back in action in 30 minutes.